What is an Online Wellbeing Call?...

Serenity Psychotherapy offers an Online Wellbeing Call Service for individuals who are house or bed bound due to long term, severe or chronic health conditions. The calls are an opportunity for those experiencing emotional distress, to speak to a trained counsellor and receive psychological and emotional support without needing to leave home. 

The Online Wellbeing Service is available to book up to 12 hours in advance to allow to you work within your limitations. Very often with chronic health conditions, individuals experience a fluctuation of symptoms which can make it difficult to book appointments such as emotional support services. I hope that by making an online service available within 12 hours, you may be able to access this support with more ease (please do not book later than this time frame).

How does it work?...
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After your assessment has been completed you will then be able to access the online portal where you can book either a 25 or 50 minute Online Wellbeing Call, up to 12 hours in advance. 

As a service we do not expect users to have weekly appointments, however if you wish to do so, please be aware that regular weekly availability may not be possible during busy periods or holidays. We ask that once registered, users access the service at a minimum of once in a 4 week period for a minimum of 30 minutes. You will need to be reassessed after 4 weeks has lapsed without a call. We also ask that users do not schedule any more than 1 appointment per week to allow availability for others who may wish to use the service. 

Online Wellbeing Calls can be accessed via Skype , however telephone calls can be used in some cases.

If you would like to access the Online Wellbeing Call Service please schedule an Online Assessment first. The assessment process lasts for 2 hours, but can be broken down into more manageable periods of time for those who feel this is necessary. This will allow for the assessment of your needs and how well the service may be able to support you, but also assess any potential risk that may come to you whilst using the service.