Serenity Earlswood

Our main Clinic is set in Earlswood, Solihull, in the heart of a rural setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

The clinic is a homely, comforting farmhouse building with a welcoming reception area. On entering the clinic we aim for you to step into a space that feels safe and private. Staff will be there to greet you and support you to feel at ease when starting out. 

We have an excellent facility that accommodates the needs of all age groups. There is an adult therapy lounge and a space ideal for encouraging children and young people to express themselves creatively. 


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Sophie Rose
Child Practitioner

Working with children has always been part of my life. I have done so in many different roles, some based in school and some with extra curricular youth groups. When I began my counselling training I chose to undertake my placement in a Primary school, knowing then that I wanted to specialise in working with children and young people therapeutically.

I have mostly worked in schools so far and have extensive experience in leading and delivering counselling services in this sector. I am experienced in working with children from all levels of understanding and ages, including children who have special needs. I have recently completed another counselling qualification supporting my specialism of Child Psychotherapeutic Counselling. I am passionate about the prevention and early intervention of mental health difficulties.


I believe that every child deserves the best chance possible in life so that they are able to achieve their potential. I love my job and have seen children and young people be able to make positive changes when given support.


Bobby Bradstock
Lead Practitioner

I am experienced in working with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and low self-esteem. My professional background has been in working with Autistic young adults with non-verbal communication.


My approach combines different techniques associated with Person Centred Therapy and Transactional Analysis. I focus on the current difficulties a person is experiencing and listen to your problems. Through this I can support you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your difficulties.

I am particularly interested in working with clients with Chronic Illness, such as Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, with the approach to supporting clients with the debilitating and isolating effects that illness’s such as these can have on a person’s wellbeing and identity. My professional background has been in working with Autistic young adults with non-verbal communication and I continue to work in this field alongside my work as a Therapist.


Mobeen Akhtar
Adult Practitioner

I am a passionate practitioner who has a wide variety of experience working with different client backgrounds, including domestic violence and mental health support.


As a counsellor, I have worked with long term and short term clients who have struggled with experiences that have impacted their well-being. I endeavour to deliver effective support to clients using communication skills to build therapeutic relationships and healthy alliances. Having worked with different ethnic backgrounds and being able to speak a secondary language of Urdu alongside of English, I have the capability and skills to interact with various of clients with different matters and backgrounds they want to explore.


I am passionate for my role and invite clients to discover their self-worth and further understanding. My approach to therapy is an Integrative model with person centred theory at core, often leaning on attachment theory and gestalt.