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Meet the Team...

Bobby Bradstock

Project Coordinator

Hi, I will be leading this project through each phase, from production to delivery, communicating with schools and ensuring the smooth running of the project. I'm an integrative psychotherapist with 4 years experience working in the voluntary sector. I also have 7 years experience of working with challenging behaviour in individuals from a range of different ages and abilities. My main area of work has been in autism and learning difficulties, however my experience as a psychotherapist also branches into childhood trauma, abuse, relationship difficulties, stress and anxiety. I will be delivering training in these areas to our Youth Mentors and providing staff and students with knowledge and support throughout the project.

Amanda Larsen

Youth Mentor

Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a recently Graduated Psychology student from the University of Lincoln. As a Graduate I have engaged in various psychological domains including Developmental Psychology. From such education I understand the detrimental impact that negative early life experiences can have on development and behaviour, alongside the importance of integrating such individuals back into society. Not only have I studied the development of children into Adolescence, I have also worked alongside individuals of different ages during work experience in schools as well as working as a young leader in an extracurricular girls club. 

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Gill Gilbert

Youth Mentor

Hi, I am an MA Education student specialising in Safeguarding. I intend to bring many transferrable skills to this project from 30 years of work in the financial sector. Alongside studying, I'm involved in Newman Universities transition programme (HEADstart) which supports new students to settle into university life and also provide additional support through Peer Mentoring and my role as Writing Mentor Co-ordinator. I'm a keen researcher, and participate in the Student-Staff Partnership Research Programme, with an interest in mental health in young people.


Josie Lee

Youth Mentor

Hello, my name is Josie and I am going to be graduating in June 2020 in counselling and psychotherapy from Derby University. After 4 years on this course, I have a vast amount of knowledge on children’s development as well as tools and approaches to help deal with difficult situations. I am also equipped to help children, adolescents and adults understand any difficulties that they may face in life and help to create a safe and comfortable place to discuss it. I have worked and volunteered in many different settings with various age groups, such as main stream schools, Specialised schools and mental health wards.

Project Aims...

Personal & Powerful

Ratio - 1 Youth Mentor: 2 Students


Small Groups - 6 Students Per Project


Experienced & Authentic Youth Mentors

Project Delivery....

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
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