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#TheVYP - Developing Positive Self Concept in Young People

The project aims to work with young people aged 11 – 16 in fun, interactive ways in order to educate them about their Self-Concept and Mental Wellbeing. Our workshops will provide them with a deeper understanding of their emotions and awareness, not only of themselves but of others around them. Due to our bespoke nature, the project can be easily tailored to your students’ preferences and needs, including the integration into the school timetable...

Bobby Bradstock


Hi, I will be leading this project through each phase, from production to delivery, communicating with schools and ensuring the smooth running of the project. I'm an integrative psychotherapist with 4 years experience of working in the voluntary sector. I also have 7 years experience working with challenging behaviour in individuals from a range of different ages and abilities. My main area of work has been in autism and learning difficulties, however my experience as a psychotherapist also branches into childhood trauma, abuse, relationship difficulties, stress and anxiety. . I will be delivering training in the areas to our YOUth Mentors and providing staff with knowledge and support throughout the project.

Amanda Larsen

-Project Coordinator-

Hello, my name is Amanda, I have engaged in various psychological domains including Developmental Psychology. I understand the detrimental impact that negative early life experiences can have on development and behaviour, alongside the importance of integrating such individuals into society. I have also worked alongside individuals of different ages during work experience in schools as well as working as a young leader in an extracurricular girls club. I am very much looking forward to being held responsible for the creation and delivery of this project, and to meet like-minded individuals who believe in the importance of positively impacting young people in school environments. 

Letoya Bailey

-Child and Adolescent Mental Health Consultant-

Hi I’m Letoya. I am a Child, Adolescent & Adult Integrative Psychotherapist, with a vast wealth of hands on experience working within a Therapeutic Children’s Residential unit as a Senior Project Worker, gaining frontline experience with Child Mental Health disorders post Psychiatric inpatient care. I have been involved with Pattigift Therapy CIC and the NCPCC. Within this organisation, I worked heavily within the community on personal, racial and cultural identity development. Gaining experience working within schools and community workshops. I will be contributing to the formation of the workshops delivered by the Value YOUth team, to ensure they are in line with current mental health guidelines and deliver the most effective support to students on the program.

Become a YOUth Mentor...

The Value YOUth Project is a fantastic way of gaining direct experience working both in the area of mental health and with children and young people. We invite those looking to enhance their background of work experience, placement students or those looking to fill some spare time with constructive work.

Amanda Larsen

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In order to make sure The Value YOUth Project is right for you and your students, we offer a FREE 1-hour consultation with our Project Director and Project Coordinator.  We strive to ensure your students are learning in an effective and memorable way by developing a bespoke programme.

Bobby Bradstock

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For your free quote please contact our finance team and request a free consultation to assess your students needs and how we can work with your school.

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